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Here comes Nikka Woody, the revolutionary eco-friendly modular bookcase

A revolution in the world of home furnishings. From today, the world of bookcases will never be the same again, thanks to Nikka Woody, the first and revolutionary completely modular “Made in Italy” bookcase with a heart of natural beech.

Built in exquisite solid wood and totally flexible in both composition and use, the Nikka Woody’s innovative modular design means it can be assembled and adapted according to the space available in the room and the purpose required.
Just add or remove the modules as necessary, modifying the design to suit your own needs, unlike other bookcases, which cannot be extended or reduced in size.

The Nikka Woody is the perfect bookcase for any setting, and can be used in the home or in the wine cellar, as well as in commercial spaces, offices and shops.

Another of Nikka Woody’s innovations is its simple assembly system, which has very few metal components and does not require tools: just hands are needed, unlike other bookcases which can be extremely complicated to assemble.

Yet another advantage of the Nikka Woody, shared by Piarotto’s other shelving solutions, is its ability to be assembled and dismantled countless times without detriment to the structure, unlike other bookcases on the market, which once dismantled are more or less ready for the scrap-heap.

“To illustrate this we like to tell the story of one of our clients, a military man, who moved house 17 times on his journey to becoming a general, all around the world, taking his Piarotto Fitting bookcase with him; the shelving did not suffer at all from the dismantling and assembly and the constant moves”, explains Pietro Piarotto, one of the brand’s owners.

The Nikka Woody’s shelves are in solid wood blockboard with a thickness of 26 mm, giving exceptional strength and extraordinary weight-bearing capacity.

With shelves made entirely of wood and slightly rounded supporting uprights, finished with water-based paint and Zero gloss varnish, the wood used in Nikka Woody is entirely natural and protected against those little domestic accidents such as oil, detergent, coffee or water spills.

In addition, the wood used is fully in line with Piarotto’s philosophy, which insists on a totally respectful use of a precious resource like natural beech.

Piarotto brings this wood from forests in the north of Europe; its distinctive visible knots and natural colour variations come from using the core of the tree – the hardest part – making every Piarotto bookcase a unique item, different from all the others.

The Nikka Woody will also be available in a smart version with uprights in recyclable PVC in white, black or red, and the same modular design and simple assembly as all the other items conceived and designed by Piarotto.

The new bookcase will be available from selected dealers and also, from November, in Piarotto’s online shop ( It will be delivered directly from the factory to your home, promptly and in environmentally-friendly packaging.
Assembly can easily be done at home by anyone, with no particular experience and no need for tools.

Piarotto is a firm established in 1922 and specialised in modular furniture and bookcases, which it designs and manufactures at its Mirano premises in the province of Venice.
From the outset, Piarotto has sought to stay a step ahead of the competition by constantly researching new materials and technologies for the production of modular shelving and state-of-the-art furniture.

Many decades of experience in the sector give the Piarotto experts in-depth knowledge of every detail of the modular furniture field; a know-how that guarantees the high quality of the materials used, both wood and metal components, alongside ease of assembly and use.

Since the 1960s the firm has sold over a million modular shelving systems.

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