In our first article we would like to tell you a story.

This story has started almost a century ago, but it continues today.

This is a story about people, ideas, trials, intuition and creativity.

This is the story about our company, Piarotto Mobili, which has evolved and transformed so many

times, lasting three generations.

But first things first. Let's start from the beginning.

The company was founded in 1922, when returned from the war, Antonio Piarotto started to work as

a carpenter, restoring old furniture and studying innovative space management solutions and click

installation systems.

It may seem like a small thing, but to be innovative in the Fascist period and to be able to expand his

market wasn’t an easy task.


The expansion was so rapid, moved by the quality and professionalism of Antonio, thus enabling him

to build the new headquarters in Mirano, Venice in 1945.

During this period the company began to collaborate with his father and 3 brothers Ampelio,

Giancarlo and Orfeo Piarotto, who immediately showed interest in the development of innovative


The construction of the first company buildings ended around 1950.

fitting piarotto librerie modulari

Over the next decade, Piarotto’s experiments lead to the creation of the FITTING modular system, the

first real innovation presented by Ampelio.

The idea was to create a furniture piece, easy to assemble and transport, made of the modules

adaptable to different requirements, to meet the needs of Italy during the economic boom.







FITTING was officially presented to the world in 1961, during the first Salone Del Mobile in Milan. The

product immediately had an incredible success, with orders and demand from all over the world.


In 1963, thanks to the great success achieved the new headquarters of the cocataloghi salone del mobilempany were

inaugurated, getting larger in order to better manage the growing demand.

In addition to Salone del mobile, where the company was consecutively present until 1985, there

have been many advertisements in Italian magazines (Grazia, Casa Amica, Domus, Interni, Abitare),

and in Carosello Rai, which made Piarotto Mobili one of the leading companies in the world of

modular bookcases.

cataloghi pubblicità piarotto

Meanwhile other models were developed, the company changed its logo and graphic layout several


Among artistic collaborations the most important ones were surely with BOB NOORDA (1975), one of

the best designers of those times, an author of the logos for MONDADORI, RINASCENTE, FELTRINELLI,

MILAN METRO, COOP, who designed the new logo PIAROTTO, and with legendary GIO POMODORO

(1978), who created very beautiful and unique laminate table for the company.

After the years of success and innovations, starting from 1985 the production slowed down in order

to develop other businesses, thus keeping only a small part of operations and research.

The innovative drive and research for efficiency, however, continued and in 2005, Peter Piarotto,

Ampelio’s son and grandson of the founder Antonio, revived the production with the new versions of

Fitting in aluminum and other new models (small pieces, easy to carry, assemble, dismantle and

transform to better adapt to the needs in every part of the world).

In 2010 the rebirth was completed with the launch of e-commerce, which allowed the company to

reach the customers around the world, given the high demand.

In 2015 we ship our bookcases all over the world, including the US, Canada, Japan, UK , Australia, South America and

Dubai, wherever there is a demand for Made in Italy, quality and innovation,

So this was the story we wanted to tell you.

Our success would not have been possible without those who believed in us – our customers, that we

hope will continue to appreciate us.

We greet you with an anecdote.

In 1965 the soldier Pino (last name omitted for privacy), enters the factory to buy his first Fitting.

Getting promotions and awards during his career he moved 17 times, thus each time he adapted

Fitting to his needs, by adding or removing parts of the bookcase, disassembling and assembling it by


Well, today the GENERAL PINO still has the same bookcase, though four times larger than the original,

but still in the perfect state after all these years, and this bookcase will stay with him eternally.

Until the next time,


Piarotto Mobili