How to choose a bookcase : practical advice

How do you choose a bookcase, an element able to characterize strongly the furniture?
Each room can be personalized and made unique, just choose the right furniture. modern libraries in the living room, large shelves in the bedroom, library design studio or office, but how to understand what to choose?
To choose the most suitable and functional furniture, it is important to know the place where we want to place them. For this we will try to give you clear and simple tips to help you choose.

If you live in a studio apartment, the choice will fall on a wall library, to be used both for the books as a TV unit.
The search for a mobile compact bookshelf, clean and discrete forms, is an excellent compromise between style and functionality. If the studio is great, you can then use libraries as partition walls, making it the most-defined spaces without losing the elegance of the place.

If you have an available living room area, the choice options are many. In the living room is better to choose a discreet but elegant library, which puts on display the home library and enhances the living area, yet easy to implement, because the needs will probably change over time. Even if the choice of furniture is more free in a large space, we exploit every corner in a rational way, taking up the walls along their entire height or opting for bolder solutions such as the library Fitting Pyramid, able to give a touch of modernity and design to casa.




If the room has to be furnished a bedroom, the choice must be done carefully, to avoid overburdening the area where we rest.
The library must therefore be simple and elegant, and must be able to be used across multiple purposes (books, accessories, jewelry, accessories)
For those who love dreamy spaces, a good choice is a white library like ours Skaffa WOOD, but with a modern and attractive design: the sensation of lightness will accompany the rest every notte.


Bücherregal München


In the study of home and office, the item that can not miss it is just the library: the design must be taken care of and functional, able to hold books and catalogs useful to our work.
A large open-plan office can be divided into single spaces using elements of furniture or a library to measure, as noted above.
If you have many books however it is important that the library is robust and modular as NIKKA, so that it can adapt to the needs easily.


librerie scaffali componibili milano


These were a few tips that we think may be helpful, if you have questions please contact us at