Hello, today we would like to share with you how our products are made and why our modular bookcases is a reasonable choice for you and the environment.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Everything starts from an idea, developed in all its versions, shapes and colours by our designers, who revise and adapt our products to customer needs.
Once the first phase is completed, the project goes into production, where the furniture piece is produced.
Here comes into play our attention to the environment: ALL the panels of Skaffa Wood series are made of laminated solid beech wood or ash wood.

These are some Skaffa Wood bookcases inside the houses of some of our customers in New York.skaffa wood bookcase new york libreria 003 lowskaffa wood bookcase piarotto ph diani new york 06 low

You may notice their sturdiness and stability, although these bookcases are filled with very heavy books.
Going back to our attention to the environment, we want to emphasize the importance of the quality of the wood, which is essential to ensure the durability of our libraries.
In addition, the manufacturing process developed throughout our long experience makes our modular structures and tables even more stable.
Let’s consider the first slatted wood table made in Italy.

IMG_20160405_164736357 (1)

It was produced in 1958 by Ampelio Piarotto and it is still in the excellent state at our headquarters in Mirano Venice.

Technical expertise developed during its manufacturing allows us to produce durable and versatile furniture of high stability, that lasts for many years.

The best proof are the large quantities of bookcases and living room furniture of MX Maxello sold in the 70s and 80s and the positive feedback received from our customers after the decades.

Serie MX Piarotto Berti 03

As a result of the success achieved in the manufacturing of the bookcases and tables, laminated wood panels were used in the production of other furniture products, in particular for kitchen countertops.

The demand was so high that the Piarottolegno company was transformed from the industrial sawmil to the laminated wood panels manufacturer and it is currently a leading company in the production of these solid laminated wood panels in Italy and Europe.

The choice of this kind of furniture brings into your home a unique and artisanal product, superior in details and 100% customizable according to your needs.
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