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NIKKA shelving unit , where and how you need ! A modular shelving system , sectional in height and width to infinity. from cheap cost, ready to assemble with maximum ease. NIKKA you choose freely in size, flexible in its versatility, functional in its current services, personal because you can invent, compose, and expand as you want, robust and reliable, with high quality material , but at a reduced cost. You have the following heights: cm.55, 95.5 , 95,5 , 136 , 175 , 217 , 258 , 299 and more

NIKKA becomes tailored for you, for your home, for your stuff, for your office, for your study. In a short time you will receive courier telephone appointment and in few time, tightening some bolts, mounting shelves and sides, you will be able to see your beautiful NIKKA ready to be packed with books.
Really a breeze !!

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