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Piarotto is always at the forefront in the search for materials and systems of union for the furniture. The products are patented internationally.


libreria modular bookcase Fitting CUORE.CORE


FITTING bookcase has a framework in primary aluminum extruded anodized silver, black finishes and painted Pure White paint with ecological powder.

The node is composed of steel screws, aluminum profile silver and plate reinforced polymer.

Backs and doors in MDF and PVC surface. Doors and shelves are in tempered glass. The aluminum legs are adjustable in height
NEW You can request ,with extracharge, Aluminium laminated Reybond backpanels, in this way shelves and glass doors and using the aluminum structure, the system Fitting is recommended for people who have al

lergies to wood dust and formaldehyde (although contained in very low percentages under EEC E1)



bookcase skaffa 4 boxes 3

SKAFFA is the bookcase of special design with an excellent quality / price ratio Boxes are made of metal lacquered in three colors Black, Red and Black with ecological paint dust. Shelves ,in the lengths of 200 centimeters, 250 and 300 , are in white melamine panels ,thickness 25 mm with the ABS edge thickness of 1 mm ,and therefore very resistant to shocks. The Abs feet are adjustable in height.




SKAFFA WOOD is the bookcase in laminated solid wood 23 mm resistant to all loads . Boxes are made of metal lacquered in three colors Black, Red and Black with ecological paint dust. Shelves in lengths of 150 cm, 200, 250 and 300 The paint solvent water is opaque Gloss 0 in order to have a protection from water, oil, and at the same time you feel the wood grain The Abs feet are adjustable height.The height between shelves is 38 cm.




NIKKA is the modular bookshelf for excellence. It can be used at home, office, the workplace or even in the garage or cellar The sides extruded PVC are available in White, Black and Red color, shelves in white melamine laminate thickness 25 mm have a modularity of 90 cm. The measures range from 90 cm in width, 180 270 360, 450, … . The height between shelves is 38 cm. T

he whole complete with mounting hardware childproof.

All Piarotto bookcases can be disassembled and reassembled several times . The same bookcase is not never an issue!.